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Consulting Services

Bedford Associates has been providing Consulting Services since our inception, using our Airline/GDS industry knowledge and breadth of experience to provide our customers with insight and possibilities given the latest industry trends and technologies.

Our analysts average 20+ years of experience in both the technical and business sides of all aspects of TPF and ALCS based systems, with particular Domain Expertise in Reservations, Inventory, and Departure Control Systems. We have also delivered IT Consultancy for TPF and ALCS, in such areas as Process Re-engineering, Training, and Systems Architecture.

Bedford is uniquely positioned to help our customers assess Outsourcing opportunities, as we have been both a user and a provider of Outsourced services. As such, we truly understand what is required, from both a customer and a vendor's perspective, to make Outsourcing a success.

Recent engagements include…

  • Migration from Client Server based Reservation system to GDS
  • GDS Assessment, including RFP issue and response assessment.
  • An assessment of the options for Electronic Ticketing
  • Departure Control futures
  • An assessment on the direction of GDSs in the global marketplace
  • An assessment of Viable Outsource Vendors in TPF
  • Right-sizing an ALCS System
  • How to do Concurrent Development in a TPF environment

Project Delivery

Bedford Associates has been delivering projects since 1980, on time, on budget, and to our customer's satisfaction. Our last ALCS conversion was delivered 55 days early, under budget, to our customers satisfaction. Our latest TPF project implemented over 300 program and macro changes seamlessly, with no fallbacks or system problems, on time on budget and to the customers satisfaction.

We delivered Electronic Ticketing, both internal and GDS, in one third the time and for half the cost of similar projects at other airlines.

Our in depth industry knowledge and high level of experience lets us deliver projects on a fixed price basis, a time and materials basis, or a combination of the two.

Bedford can manage the entire project, or we can contribute parts of the project as the customer sees fit. The project can be delivered by Bedford Consultants on site, through oour office in Bethel, CT. USA , or a combination of the two.

Recent projects include…

  • Electronic ticketing
  • SSM/ASM messages (both incoming and outgoing)
  • Codeshare
  • Fares Migration
  • DCS 4 th Class
  • Migration from CRS to an in-house System

Web Development

Bedford Associates, Inc. has been developing Web Sites since the emergence of the technology, both for ourselves and for external customers. We have always developed, implemented, and hosted our own web sites, so we understand every aspect of putting your company on the web. We can help you decipher the often confusing world of Web Servers, ISPs, LANS, WANS, IP addresses, Search Engines, Hosting companies and the like, letting you focus on look and content.

Supplement Staffing

Bedford Associates has been placing experienced, high quality professionals at customer sites since the 80s. We have the technical capability to carefully screen our candidates before offering them to our customers. We check references.  At Bedford, we do more than push resumes!

We can supply Programmers, Analysts, Project Managers, and Business Analysts to work at your site, both nationally and internationally. Bedford will find the kind of professional you want, including those hard to find legacy applications programmers. We have access to...

  • Java, .net, web development programmers
  • TPF and ALCS Applications and Systems programmers
  • COBOL, PL/1, BAL, C,  C++ programmers 
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Expert Users
  • Trainers
  • Documentation writers 


Outsourced Development

Bedford has been providing Outsourced Development services since 1990. Through our office in Bethel, CT., USA, we have been delivering projects on time, on budget, to our customer's satisfaction. Customers have used this service to supplement on site teams, to deliver stand alone projects, or to support and maintain legacy applications while on site developers focus on more immediate business needs.


Our high level of experience allows Bedford to offer this service on a fixed price basis, a time and materials basis, or a combination of the two.