Bedford Associates has been delivering projects since 1980, on time, on budget, and to our customer’s satisfaction. Our last ALCS conversion was delivered 55 days early, under budget, to our customers satisfaction. Our latest TPF project implemented over 300 program and macro changes seamlessly, with no fallbacks or system problems, on time on budget and to the customers satisfaction.

We delivered Electronic Ticketing, both internal and GDS, in one third the time and for half the cost of similar projects at other airlines.

Our in depth industry knowledge and high level of experience lets us deliver projects on a fixed price basis, a time and materials basis, or a combination of the two.

Bedford can manage the entire project, or we can contribute parts of the project as the customer sees fit. The project can be delivered by Bedford Consultants on site, through oour office in Bethel, CT. USA , or a combination of the two.

Recent projects include…

  • Electronic ticketing
  • SSM/ASM messages (both incoming and outgoing)
  • Codeshare
  • Fares Migration
  • DCS 4 th Class
  • Migration from CRS to an in-house System