Step-by-Step Trace is a terminal-based, command-driven test tool designed to follow the progress of an entry through user application and online TPF support programs in a TPF system. A number of SST agents (limited only by the size and use of the SST control records) can be active on the system at the same time.

Each SST agent can have only one active traced entry at any one time, but may have a number of other suspended traced entries on hold. Within limits it is possible to choose which of these is the active traced entry.

The following types of entries can be traced:

  • Any input message (other than an SST command) from the SST agent’s terminal.
  • Any input message from another specified terminal.
  • An entry to a specified program or program group.
  • The entry created by a ROUTC issued by the current traced entry.
  • The entry created by a create macro (eg CREMC) or a SWISC issued by the current traced entry.